Rubbed the Wrong Way: Sexual Assault and Massage - a site for people who have experienced rape, sexual assault and other inappropriate behaviour in the course of massage
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If you have had experience/s of sexual assault by a masseur/masseuse, and you would like it to appear on this page, please use the form below to submit your story. You might like to share what happened - as detailed or not as you like, and perhaps other things such as how you were affected, how you've healed, whether you reported it, were the police supportive if you did, how other people have responded to you, how you feel now or anything else you think is relevant.
Several points:
  1. Use any name you like - full names aren't a good idea online.
  2. You don't have to share your email address unless you want me to contact you.
  3. If the perpetrator of your assault was not convicted of the crime/s against you, that person's full name cannot legally appear on this site. First name or a psuedonym will do
  4. Please specify in the box at the bottom of the form whether you want the story to appear on this site. If you are just sharing it with me privately I will not make it available to anybody else. If you do want it put on the site but you change your mind later, you can contact me at any time to remove it. Your story remains your property on loan to me :)
  5. Suggestion: You may want to type your story into a word document before cutting and pasting it into the form so that you can go back and edit anything you want to rethink first.
Thanks for your courage.

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