Rubbed the Wrong Way: Sexual Assault and Massage - a site for people who have experienced rape, sexual assault and other inappropriate behaviour in the course of massage
This is a site for women, men and teenagers who have experienced sexual assault by a massage practitioner, or for anyone else interested in the topic. I am a survivor, and you'll read about my experience on the site.
Far from the inaccurate association of massage with parlours and sex, massage is a valid healing treatment.
Most Massage Therapists conduct their business with a high degree of ethics.
It appears, however, that there are sufficient cases of sexual assault by unethical practitioners who harm people and do damage to the profession. It's these that this site addresses.

If you are a survivor, I hope you'll find this site supportive.
If you are in crisis, please click here for international sexual assault hotlines.

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Site updated Aug 2010

Pandora's Project, an online support group, message board, and chat room for rape and sexual abuse survivors

I have been a rape advocate/activist for twenty years and also have some training in social welfare and counselling. However, what you read on this site should not substitute for professional advice from a counsellor, a qualified massage therapist or the police.

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